Brazil is the
renowned country in South America. Each city has something to be showed. At
this time, it comes from Curitiba. Marcos BertoldiArquitetos completed LM
residence since 2008. This contemporary home nestled in the middle of dense
forest with adequate natural light. Even, this massive modular home design adds
white stucco path and palm trees. Spectacular façade house integrates the upper
level home directly. Sturdy black industrial exterior staircase stands on this
appealing long deck.

By the way, there is
stupendous inground swimming pool. It looks very long with chic blue pool
floor. Further, opposite to the swimming pool is greenery topography in which
you will enjoy it on the desk with stunning glass banister. Translucent glassed
wall faces off the pool deck and it mixes the remarkable floating balcony. To
reach the social area you have two ways. Aside that staircase, Marcos also add
wood stair. Superb living area sets with cowhide wave lounge chair.

It is overlooking the other living room furniture sets. Further, aside is eclectic dining space with two styles chairs and fancy industrial table. Seemly, you will choose exterior staircase to reach it because it faces off the front door directly. Then, pleasurable sitting area is another side of living room. Well, there is another hallway leads to the main area. Here or from this social area, you have dashing small courtyard.

Deluxe kitchen designs separated from the dining and living area. Even though, it is more spacious and add skylight. This room also adds delightful bar and comely round dining nook. Extraordinary small bathroom adds little bit natural sense. Frameless shower room owns it for the backsplash. Although small, it is natty and inspiring. Next bathroom is larger and cooler.  It has fantastic glass box with futuristic freestanding tub. Well, remember it is Brazilian apartment. Don’t find another living because it is number one from Marcos.